Citizenship Make-up

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Citizenship Credit
Citizenship points are given in each class based on attendance: either an S (Satisfactory) or NC (No Credit).  Students will lose points for absences and tardies as outlined below.  If a student earns an NC, it must be made up in order to participate in UHSAA and school sponsored activities, and to walk at graduation.

Citizenship/Attendance credit will be awarded based upon the following scale:

  • Students with 45-100 citizenship points will be awarded with a satisfactory grade (S) in citizenship.
  • Students with 44 citizenship points or below will receive an NC in citizenship until points are made up.

 Each student is awarded 100 citizenship points at the beginning of each term for each class.  To earn credit in Citizenship, a student must not fall below 45 citizenship points per class, per term.  Attendance requirements are based upon the following scale:

Citizenship Attendance Point scale

  • Unexcused Absence  (U)       (Minus) -60 points
  • Sluff                          (S)       (Minus) -60 points
  • Late Tardy                 (L)       (Minus) -25 points
  • Tardy                        (T)       (Minus) -15 points
  • Excused Absence      (E)       (Minus) -10 points

Citizenship Make-up

Option #1 – Making up Citizenship before a term ends:
If agreed upon between a student and a teacher, a student can make up time in a classroom setting, before or after school.  This allows the student to receive specific information that they missed in class because of excessive absences.  Students can also make up time in the various classroom labs offered at lunch or before and after school.  Students cannot make up attendance during the regular school day, except at lunchtime.  These make-up opportunities are available until the end of the term.

Option #2 – Making up Citizenship after a term ends:
Students who have citizenship issues that are not cleared by the last day of a term, resulting in the issuing of an NC in citizenship, will only be able to make up the NC by attending Credit Recovery “Detention”.

Detention Times
Credit Recovery “Detention” runs daily from 7:00 a.m. – 7:50 a.m.   or 2:25 – 4:00 p.m. in room C207.  On Monday, the detention lab is opened from 1:40 – 4:00 p.m. and during lunchtime every day.  In order to attend the Credit Recovery program, a student must bring homework or a book to read.  No music, cell phones, games, sleeping, or talking is/are permitted.  Violators will be asked to leave and will not be given credit for attending the make-up session regardless of the time of removal.  Administration will set the schedule at the beginning of each term. 

Detention Fine
The fine for an NC is $2 per hour or $1 per half hour of detention time owed per class.  Students must commit to daily attendance until credit has been recovered.
Scenario:  At the end of a term, if a student has an NC in 3rd period Choir and needs to make-up 5 hours then the student will pay $2 for each of the 5 hours, equaling $15.

Mega Detention
During any given term, there will be a minimum of 100 hours of make-up available.  There will be various Mega Detentions offered throughout the school year that cost $5 each to attend (must be paid before attending).

Regaining Lost Points Scale
Making up a Tardy                            30 min. (+15 pts)
Making up a Late Tardy                    1 hour (+25 pts)
Making up an Excused Absence       1 hour (+10 pts)
Making up a U, or S                           1.5 hours (+60 pts)

Eligibility for Field Trips, Extra-Curricular/Co-Curricular activities
In order to participate on any extra-curricular/co-curricular activity, including field trips and/ or tours, the student cannot be earning an NC at the time of the activity.