MMHS September 23 Parent Teacher Conference

Submitted by terry.krieger-james on Thu, 09/17/2020 - 10:26


 MMHS’s Parent/Teacher Conference will be held on Wednesday, September 23rd from 3:00-7:00 p.m., and due to COVID-19, parents will meet with teachers in individual classrooms and not in the gym. We encourage parents, when possible, to contact and work with teachers through digital means. If your student is earning a C grade or lower in a particular class, we encourage you to meet with the teacher in the teacher’s classroom from 3:00-7:00 p.m. There is no need to sign up for a time, just stop by the classroom. In order to help maintain physical distance and limit long lines, we ask that teachers and parents be aware of and responsive to other parents who may be waiting. Masks are required when in the school. We appreciate your continued support as we work together for the success of our students.

We encourage you to log in and check your student’s grades in Infinite Campus. If you need more information about how to log in to the Infinite Campus Parent Portal, how to find your student’s number, or how to find your student’s password, please click on this link to the Nebo District Parent Home Page.

Here are the directions on how to check grades:

 Log in to Infinite Campus Parent Portal

-On the left-hand side bar menu, click on the “Grades” link

-Click on a particular Class

-you may then click on the “Grades” tab within the class to see individual assignments for that class

-you may also click on the “Upcoming Assignments” tab to see future assignments for that class

There is a lot of helpful parent information available by clicking on the various links located in the left-hand side bar menu. If you need help accessing Infinite Campus, please call the main office at MMHS.

As always, thank you!

MMHS Administration




Free Breakfast and Lunch to All Nebo School District Students

Submitted by terry.krieger-james on Fri, 09/11/2020 - 07:40

Beginning Monday, September 14, 2020, Nebo School District will be switching to an “Open Restricted Meal Program.” Under this program, breakfast and lunch are available for free to all students enrolled in Nebo School District, including remote learners.

Please click on links for more details:

Free Breakfast and Lunch to All Nebo School District Students

Spanish Version: Desayuno y almuerzo gratis para todos los estudiantes del distrito escolar de Nebo

Save the Season

Submitted by terry.krieger-james on Tue, 08/04/2020 - 11:53


Golden Eagle Students and Parents,

We’re thrilled to be getting back to school and fall sports! We’ve been given the opportunity to play fall sports, and we’re asking for your help to “Save the Season.”

As we work together to do our best to slow the spread of the Coronavirus, we increase the chances of continuing sports play. We’re asking students and parents to do the following when attending MMHS games:

  • Stay home if you are sick, or have COVID-related symptoms.
  • Keep family groups together and sit 6 feet from other specatators.
  • Elementary and junior high age students must be accompanied by a parent/family group to enter the game and should stay with parent/family group during the game.
  • Maintain social distance (6 feet apart) as much as possible.
  • In the student section, every other row will be taped off/closed for sitting and standing.
  • Wash and sanitize hands often.
  • Wear a face covering.

We look forward to an incredible sports season and appreciate your help with our goal to keep MMHS sports going.

Thank you!

MMHS Administration




Marching Band Season

Submitted by tyler.lewis on Fri, 09/18/2020 - 13:43
Kylie Weston, Evalee Ramirez, Aubrey Herrin, & Venna Burkhardt
Caleb Bardsley playing marimba.

The Maple Mountain Marching Band has been hard at work practicing since July. It’s a  wonder they even had a season this year, with Covid-19. There almost wasn’t going to be a marching band season, as it is difficult to play an instrument with a mask.  The band has been engaged in their work, trying hard to create an amazing show. They were super excited to perform and show off all that effort. The homecoming game was their first opportunity to do so. The performance looked and sounded amazing.

Cross Country

Submitted by tyler.lewis on Wed, 09/16/2020 - 13:02
Connor Hatch and Hayden Limb.
The 2020 cross country team.

Cross country is a sport that keeps on running. Members of the cross country team say that running is fun and gets you into shape but the best part is the team. The team is like a family because everyone is close, and there is a sense of unity. Most recruits join to see what all the hype is about or because a friend is on the team. They then end up getting hooked. When we asked the team what they would say to someone who wants to join, most responses mentioned how the people on the team are fun, and it feels rewarding after the races.

Homecoming Week Recap

Submitted by tyler.lewis on Tue, 09/15/2020 - 14:12
Written by Carter Baldwin and Rylee Salmon.
Powder Puff: Seniors celebrating their back-to-back win.

Amid turmoil and confusion, our dire students struggled to find ways to keep their Homecoming dreams alive. First, being interrupted by Covid, these students felt defiant. Eager to return to a sense of normalcy, the students rushed to school, genuinely excited to be there for the first time this school year. With the occasional whine and grumble, the students accepted that their future at school would require masks. Talking muffled and stuffy breath, students kept a single focus in their hearts. If only we can have our Homecoming dance… that’s all we need.

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