Internship Placement Locations


-Connecting the Community and the Classroom-  

Students may be eligible for an internship their junior and senior year if they have good grades, good attendance, and have taken or are currently enrolled in a CTE related class.


The online course, Workplace Skills, is a required component of the internship and must be completed in order for the student to receive credit.


Internships give students the opportunity to explore careers they are interested in,  learn a variety of skills under the guidance of adult mentors, work in teams, solve problems, meet employers’ expectations and create professional relationships.


To apply for an internship, complete the application  Internship application  and either submit to your school’s counseling office or email to


Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources


Architecture & Construction


Arts, Audio/Visual Technology & Communication


Business Management & Administration


Education & Training


Engineering & Technology



Health Science



Hospitality & Tourism

Human Services●      Community, Family, & Social Services


Information Technology


Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security



Transportation, Distribution & Logistics

●      Automotive