CTE Teacher Highlight - Kathryn Crandall


This is Kathryn Crandall's 25th year teaching and claims to teach the fun classes! Those classes are: Apparel and Design Production I & II (used to be called Clothing I & II), Child Development, Early Childhood Ed I & II (preschool), Fashion Design Studio (called Fashion Strategies this year but changing next year), and Textile Design Entrepreneurship. She's also hoping to add Sports and Outdoor Product Design.

CTE Teacher Highlight - Robyn Dunn


Robyn Dunn started her teaching career 19 years ago. She was a teacher in the Business Department at SFHS and switched to Work-based Learning and internships 8 years ago when she joined the faculty at MMHS. She is also over career pathways and concurrent enrollment for our school. In her spare time you'll find her chauffeuring her kids, watching a ball game of some sort, reading a book or quilting.

Dance Company Showcase


Come see the dance companies from MMHS, SHS, SFHS, SHHS, and PHS perform on February 8 at 7 pm. The showcase will be held in the MMHS auditorium. General admission is $6, student admission is $5, and a family pass is $20.

Ellevés Take 3rd at State 4A Drill Competition

Story by Molly Brenchley. Photos by Jeff Porcaro.

On Thursday, February 2, 2017, the MMHS Ellevés competed in the State 4A Semi Finals Drill Team Competition held at UVU. Teams were placed in “pods” of four based on their placement from region competition. Two teams from each pod advanced to the finals. The Ellevés were one of the two teams who advanced to the finals from their pod. 

On Saturday, February 4, 2017, the Ellevés competed in the finals and placed 4th in the military category, 3rd in the dance category, and 2nd in the kick category. Overall Maple Mountain placed 3rd. There were nine 4A schools competing. 

Ellevés Take Region

Story by Molly Brenchley. Photos by Jeff Porcaro & Molly Brenchley.

The Maple Mountain High School Ellevés competed at the Region VIII Drill Team Competition held at Wasatch High School on Thursday, January 26, 2017. The Ellevés placed 1st in the Military category; 1st in the Dance category, and 1st in the Kick category. Overall, the Ellevés placed 1st and were awarded the Region VIII trophy. McKenna Bate, daughter of Bud and Kelly Bate, won 1st place in the drill down competition.

Floriculture Class Designs

Story & photo by Robyn Dunn.

Our floriculture class designed some beautiful flower arrangements today! It is arranged in a modern Japanese style called "Ikebana," which translates to "arranging flowers."  The design in the picture was arranged and modeled by the lovely Clayci Crandall, a senior at MMHS.

Award Winning Art Students

Story by Jethro Gillespie.

Two MMHS students, Emily Johnson (senior) and Cadence Peterson (junior), were both chosen to represent our school (and the only ones in our entire district) in the Utah State Senate Landscape Visual Arts competition.

Emily won 13th place (out of 230 entries) and $300. Cadence won 1st place and a $5,000 award!

They will both be recognized at the capitol on Tuesday, February 14th in a ceremony.