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Maple Mountain High School Announcements

Maple Mountain High School Announcements for 4/16/2021

Chamber Orchestra Auditions

If you want to audition for next year's MMHS Chamber Orchestra, all information will be available on the orchestra website starting Monday, April 19th. Submissions will not be accepted after Monday, May 3rd. Please contact Miss K for further details.

Sophomore Aspire Testing

During the week of Monday, April 19th to Thursday, April 22nd, sophomores will be taking the ACT Aspire Exams in their core classes. Each section of the test will be taken in your English, Math, and Science classes over the course of these four days. If you do not take one of these classes at Maple Mountain, you will be contacted with an assigned time to come take the exam during the testing week. Like the ACT the test is timed and once you start each section of the test it must be finished in that sitting. You can’t leave early and come back later to finish, so please try to attend all of your classes and be on time.
This test will be taken online, so make sure you bring your chrome book fully charged and ready to test every day. You are allowed to use headphones with this test, so if you have a set of headphones with a standard jack to plug into the chrome book you are welcome to bring them. We will have a few extra available for those who students who don’t have any.
Because this test will give you a predictive score in preparation for taking the ACT next year, we strongly encourage you to come prepared every day and to give your best effort on each section of the exam.

Mr. Maple Mountain

Mr. Maple Mountain is happening! This year, Mr. Maple Mountain will be held on Friday, April 30. There will be no tickets sold at the door, tickets will be available for purchase online beginning on Monday, April 19.

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